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Author Topic: Problems homing - Requested home axis home switch is active. Please fix,  (Read 357 times)

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I am hoping for some help as I am scratching my head with this error when Homing.”Requested home axis home switch is active. Please fix, then home”

Here is a summary of machine specs

I have upgraded an oldish hobby cnc machine (ooznest workbee) with a mach 3 card.... this one...


My configuration is 4 stepper motors with torque of 1.26NM, 200 steps per rev. Lead screw is 8mm 4 start, drivers are set to 8 micro steps so steps per mm is 200 steps per mm.

X Axis

Y axis with A axis slaved to it

Z axis

I have been able to get the motors to turn and I have been able to get the axes to move (jog) in the directions that is correct for positive and negative.

Standing at the front of the machine, I consider machine 0,0 to the near left corner. So technically the machine is homing to the back right corner.

Limit Switches

I have my home and limit switches configures also. I have at present 3 limit switches which also function as homing switches. These are at the positive max of the three axes (I.e. the back right corner of the machine).

These witches are Normally Open and they are connected in parrallel to the card

When I trip the switches on the diagnostics screen the screen lights up when the switch is pressed and is dark when not pressed.

All switches work correctly and were tested.

The Problem

I have been trying to get my machine to home and the following happens

The z axis successfully moves up to find home and successfully homes

The y axis give the error above, but still travels to find the limit switch., it finds the limit switch and then nothing.

The x axis does not try to home.

The x axis does jog as expected.

I have replaced all limit switches and wires.

I have checked all connections 

Settings I have tried to see what effect they have

Changed Input Signals Active Low on the Homing.

Changed the A Axis Emulated to Tick (yes)

Changed the Home/ Soft Limits Reversed Flag

Switched wiring connections to different places and different connectors.

It always ends up the y axis throws the error above

see attached document for images of configuration
Here are the Y axis (Closest) and the A Axis (far away axis) the wiring is messing as I am trying to get it to work before I tidy all cables up. Limit switch is on the near axis (Y axis)

Any Help would be greatly appreciated, I think it’s a software issue (My Mach 3 is demo version)  some configuration somewhere.

The PC is a toshiba laptop with an i7 processor and 16GB Ram
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