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my name is Norbert. I am a hobby user from Germany. For professional reasons, I have a lot to do with electrical engineering, control technology, programming and also mechanics. I would therefore not quite call myself a layman. I have been working with Mach3 for many years now and have operated several machines with it during this time. The basics are therefore familiar to me. This is just basic information so that you can imagine the level on which my questions are to be understood.
My current project is the ATC. I would like to implement this on my 3-axis milling machine. The milling machine is controlled by servo motors and the corresponding controllers. I use a CSMIO IP/S as the motion controller. There is also a higher-level safety controller that also takes over other control tasks.
The system is currently running Mach3R43.062.
Basically, everything runs relatively well. I have created my own screen set with all the necessary functions. In addition, I have written the corresponding macros for the tool change, offset measurements, etc. myself and am very satisfied with each of them.

Now, however, comes the hitch where I am in despair.
I'll try to describe my problem. (I haven't uploaded any file attachments yet because I could well imagine that it's a mistake in my thinking and maybe you'll come up with the solution straight away.)

The following problem:
When I select my macros via the corresponding buttons on the screenset, they run as I have structurally imagined. Sometimes, however, I have the feeling that lines within the macro are skipped. But then I only see that a corresponding message is not displayed. I have read that the system should be given time to output the message.
Ok, but apart from that I have the problem that these functioning macros suddenly react differently when I call them up within a milling programme via e.g. M8000. In one case in particular, lines are skipped or even a few lines before are suddenly executed. Also, in the display showing the current lines, I see that the "bar" showing which line is currently being processed jumps back and forth even though the macro is not yet finished.

I have already tried many things: Mach3 reinstallation, other version of Mach, other computer, etc.

I really don't know what to do and would appreciate your help. Thanks already
Re: Mach3 - Program Running with Script/Macro call - Strange behaviour
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you have certainly gone to a great deal of effort to craft your own control....which begs the question why use Mach3? All development ceased on it seven plus years ago,
what ever bugs it has its stuck with. Mach4 is still been actively developed and has been very stable in the eight years I've used it. The ability to edit and craft screen features,
macros, panels etc far FAR exceeds anything comparable in Mach3.

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