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AutoZero Script Problem
« on: August 17, 2022, 01:42:22 PM »
Today I thought will be the day but again I was not lucky. Got all setup and the dry run went good and then I used the Autozero to set the spindle height and it wasn’t good. Although I have used this probe setup many times before with the same script (shown below) this time the probe behaved erratically.

For example when the script finished the probe will go up and the Z axis DRO will indicate +1.3750 (see attached snip). I don’t know where this number comes from.
Then doing it again and touching the bit with the touch plate (just to see if she will go up) the probe stops for a second then descents for about 1/2" and then will go up to +1.3750

So for now I will forget the probe unless there is a solution

Message( "Auto Zeroing..." )
If IsSuchSignal (22) Then
code "G31 Z-3 F20"
While IsMoving()
Call SetDRO( 2, .375 )
code "G1 Z1"
End If   

Then I thought to use a piece of paper to set the spindle height manually but I’m not comfortable with this approach because I’m not sure what the code does (shown below partially). I’m only concerned with the Z axis movement since I don’t want it to create any damage and my thinking is:
At N70 Z goes up to 3/4", At N80 Z descents to -.0625, but after I’m not sure what happens. I know that max depth of cut is 1/8” and is done in 2 steps of 1/16” each step, is this what is shown in lines N90 to N170?

(NWDTOOL N" 1/8 FLAT ENDMILL" T232 D.125 F.375 L2.25 CD2. CL1. SD2. C0)
(NWDSTOCK X12.5 Y16.5 Z.5 OTC OX6.05 OY8.05 OZ0.)
N10 G00 G17 G20 G40 G49 G80 G90
N20 T232 M06 ( 1/8 FLAT ENDMILL)
N30 (MAX - Z1.)     
N40 (MIN - Z-.125) 
N50 G00 Z1. M08 
N60 G00 X-.0625 Y-.0625 S10000 M03
N70 Z.75
N80 G01 Z-.0625 F30   
N90 Y-15.9375     
N100 X-11.9375 
N110 Y-.0625     
N120 X-.0625   
N130 Z-.125   
N140 Y-15.9375
N150 X-11.9375
N160 Y-.0625
N170 X-.0625
N180 Z.75
N190 G00 Z1.
N200 X0. Y0.
N210 X-4.4974 Y-3.5625
N220 Z.75
N230 G01 Z-.0625
N240 G03 I-3.1276 J0.