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Author Topic: Message line="Safe Z turned off-ignoring safe z move" but it's not turned off  (Read 31042 times)

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I think that I saw an option somewhere (but can't remember where) to select between absolute/relative Safe Z position, so if you select it to be relative, the problem should be solved, and tool should be raised above material for the safe z value first, then go to y0, x0.

P.S. It would be nice if somebody could remember where is this option.


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If your running the latest version, it is in the config, safe z set up I think.

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Got a way to turn safe Z off in teh program itself.  You see, I have this one step that involves a Keyseat cutter, a $120 keyseat cutter.  In teh event I get something weird happen.  I don't want the first thing that will take place to be a safe Z move.  I want the cutter to clear out of teh slot and then safe Z move.   
Suppose you could do it with a macro, but a lesser chore would be to modify the code as necessary to insure that the X or Y moves the cutter well clear before the Z makes a move.   and always test run the code in air first to verify.
That would be my approach as I have little to spend on cutters and mistakes myself.