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Author Topic: ESS (Ethernet Smooth Stepper) input signals not saved when Mach4 is restarted  (Read 456 times)

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I have setup my auto tool setter to use the G31 command by enabling that input signal, and mapped the input pin in the ESS input signals tab. The auto tool zero works like a charm!

The issue I have is that sometimes when I shut down Mach4, or cycle the power off/on for the ESS + restarting Mach4, then this specific input signals configuration disappears! The G31 is disabled and the mapped pin I have selected disappears as well.

What could be causing this issue? It doesn't happen everytime, but like half the times.. I have tried to replicate the issue but I cant figure out exactly what causes this "memory loss"..

Any advice is very welcome!
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Ok, so I managed to get the G31 input signal to stay configured after some time but I am not sure what the fix was..

Now I have the same issue again as I am installing another proximity sensor on the Y-axis (it will be used for gantry squaring). I changed in the ESS plugin the input signals for motor 1 home and motor 3 home (Y and Y-slave motors respectively) to correspond with the mapped pins. Whenever I restart Mach4, the saved input signals that I've configured are lost! I was able to figure out that the problem is in the Machine.ini file; the ISIG mapping for motor 1 home and motor 3 home is rolled back to the previous state when Mach4 is closed.

Is there some temp file overriding the values when Mach4 is closed, or maybe it is just my profile that is corrupt, or even the screenset.. No clue at this point. Like mentioned I managed to get the G31 input signal to stay like I want to but no clue how..

Help is appreciated! Here is the configuration that changes (see text between "" marks) in the Machine.ini file:

ISigMap-EStop=X203 (E-stop)
ISigMap-Motor0-Home=X112 (X switch)
ISigMap-Motor1-Home-Enable=1 "This is not saved and is changed to 0 after restart"
ISigMap-Motor1-Home=X110 (Y1 switch) "This is not saved and disappears after restart"
ISigMap-Motor2-Home=X113 (Z switch)
ISigMap-Motor3-Home-Enable=1 "This is not saved and is changed to 0 after restart"
ISigMap-Motor3-Home=X111 (Y2 switch) "This is not saved and disappears after restart"
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I checked the latest ESS plugins from Warp9 and it seems there are several new ones. I am currently running Mach4 4517 together with ESS 266 plugin, but now they are recommending Mach4 4809 together with ESS 278.1! I found my exact issue in the ESS build 275 change log (see attached picture, or link). I will try to update Mach4 as well as the ESS plugin. Hopefully my issues are then gone.

ESS build change log link: https://warp9td.com/files/Plugins/ESS/Mach4/_ChangeLog.txt