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Author Topic: Fanuc A20B-005-0374 DC spindle board wiring & settings  (Read 126 times)

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Fanuc A20B-005-0374 DC spindle board wiring & settings
« on: April 16, 2021, 02:44:15 PM »
 Good afternoon,

 Could I ask for some guidance on what pins to use on the FANUC DC Spindle board that is on My old SL-3B lathe?
the lathe I purchased came with zero technical documentation and I have been trying to identify wire by wire on the harnesses what is connected but not having worked on anything FANUC I am starting from scratch. Next question also is jumper settings if the board is not set up for analog reference input. Somewhere I thought I saw on forums that some of these boards are feed a serial command for speed reference but I could be mistaken.
I will be using a Vital Systems DSPMC for the spindle control analog signal.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Re: Fanuc A20B-005-0374 DC spindle board wiring & settings
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2021, 09:57:11 PM »
 Okay a little update.
I found on some other forums general minimum required connections to satisfy the spindle drive so with jumper wires and an external speed reference voltage signal I got the spindle spinning Yesterday. Although occasionally every few minutes the spindle would decelerate and then accelerate back up to target speed randomly. Not sure what that was about yet but at least i think I have a working spindle drive so one less thing I do not have to purchase in the initial stages of bringing life back into this lathe.