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Motor controls not consistent
« on: April 08, 2021, 10:28:03 PM »
God day all
I have been battling with this set up found a much needed video last night to sort out my issues, meow onto the new issues.  i have power to everything and testing the motors: motors are sitting on the machine, the y axis motors spin both direction, x axis motor spins both directions, z axis motor spins both directions, i roll thru the axis again y x and z y works properly x one direction makes one y motor spin other direction other motor spins, hit z motor it wants to spin but so does the one y motor. i stop ponder for a minute try each axis and direction and each axis motor spins when it is supposed to and direction.  roll thru axis's again all motors work properly again. try it again y axis works properly and x and z axis act up again. for the most part the motors respond properly

i thought i would try installing the motors and see if they would function while in the machine, the y axis responded the best but didnt move just tried and the x and z didnt move at all.

each motor is wired the same and would appear to be wired correctly as it runs properly sometimes. very odd to see this.
the drivers i am using are leadshine 542 stepper motors model are 60bhh100 501e 45h, parallel port is an pci, y axis port is 2 and 3 x axis is 4 and 5 z axis is 6 and 7 

Any ideas fellow artists

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Re: Motor controls not consistent
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2021, 12:40:56 PM »
What hardware are you using, some pictures will help too.
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