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Author Topic: Strange input behaviour & not detected in macro but detected in diagnostics  (Read 244 times)

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I have homing probes X & A sending a signal to in2 & in3 on my breakout board.
Individually they work fine, slaved they work with "move with master" disabled in general config & RefCombination or when one is triggered

( both move, the triggered one stops and second one continues)
but when the second one is also triggered (so both triggered now) they are both inactive
(so the second one doesn't stop). I can see this in diagnostics, when both are triggered they both are switched off in mach3 diagnostics and so don't home.

I tried writing a macro for ref all because I found that they would be many work arounds (I am a programmer & I have read the programmers guide, OEM reference etc). I can get most stuff working in macros however I can't get any input to show as active in the macro. If I use IsActive(INPUT2) or  IsActive(INPUT3) etc none are active, even for a single active input. I've tried different input numbers & thought I saw something somewhere about a prefix but I'm not sure.

Any help would be appreciated
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Re: Strange input behaviour & not detected in macro but detected in diagnostics
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probing is a realtime operation, and Mach3 has ONE probing input only.
Mach4 has four probing inputs.

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