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Author Topic: setting up mach3 for the first time - driver test "no driver sensed installed"  (Read 847 times)

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I am having a hard time with mach3 running my nema 34 motors.  I started with the usual setup and when I tried to jog the motor I hear it click and then the driver trips.  I have tried resetting the dip switches to 0 and adjusted the steps per inch in the motor tuning to 20,000 steps and then I get the spindle to spin but once it stops, the driver trips again. there must be either a setting off or the voltage / amperage is messed up.  I have rewired this thing multiple times and I don't think its a wiring issue at this point unless the wiring instructions were wrong.  I ordered all the motors, drivers, interface board, power supply from buildyourcnc.com but they are not helpful. does anyone have any suggestions?

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General Mach Discussion would have been a better place for this thread.

anyhow some more Information about your System would be helpful.
-what OS are you running
-what motion controller are you using
-what stepper Controller
-witch Mach Version
-how are the Motor connected to your axis
-Pictures Pictures Pictures

with the information provided, it will get realy hard to help without using a magic glasball.

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Sorry about that....I was contemplating on putting this in the general Mach discussion first but then I didn't

This is Windows 10
I bought most of my parts from buildyourcnc.com so you can visit their site for more info....the motion controller has their name on it. (picture attached)  drivers, power supply and motors are all from them.

I'm running Mach3...I just reinstalled it today to confirm I had the most up to date version and all plugins.

I disconnected the y axis to test the connection and you can see that in the other picture of just the single motor, driver, and connected to pin 4, 5, and 5v on the board.  board is connected with the UC100 parallel port to usb connection and the 5v from the separate usb port.  I also re-downloaded the UC100 parallel port driver from cncdrive.com

I'm not fully versed here so go easy on me

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accordind to your Picture lets try to get the y-axis running.

Config -> Port's/Pin's -> Motor Outputs -> y-axis
step pin->5
dir pin ->4
both active low enabled

SW5 to SW8 all 0

assuming you want to run your machine in imperial Units and the Motor should make 1 rev/inch
Config > Motor Tuning -> Y-axis
step's per -> 400
velocity -> 80
acceleration -> 40
don't Forget to press the SAVE AXIS SETTINGS button

in this configuration you should be able to run the Motor in jog mode.
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if you find some mistakes, in my bad bavarian english,they are yours.
Did everything you said and it tripped again without the motor turning.

why would the motor turn a lot when I input 20,000 steps per inch but nothing at 400?  besides the obvious numbers, is there a difference in the amperage when that signal is being sent?

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this document:


says Motor Connections should be:
A+ red
A- green
B+ yellow
B- blue

different to your wiring.

sorry in interpreted the 20,000 as 20000 and not as 20, because 20000 would be extremly to much.
i have chosen 400 because your Motor is a 1.8Deg Motor so we have 200Steps/rev.
stepper controler is set 1/2 step so 200*2=400.
anything is possible, just try to do it.
if you find some mistakes, in my bad bavarian english,they are yours.
Wow that was it.....thank you so much

That is the first thing I wired and I cannot recall why I ended up wiring it in that configuration (it must have been from one of their videos for a different nema motor and I obviously assumed it was for mine)

one last question;

I have 2 motors running the x axis in opposing directions.  Can you let me know how to wire it / or program it into mach3?

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you have two possibilities:

1st Change motor wiring

A+ yellow
A- blue
B+ red
B- green

2nd invert the Setting for dir pin (active Low) of slave axis 
anything is possible, just try to do it.
if you find some mistakes, in my bad bavarian english,they are yours.