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Mach3 Stepper Motor Grinding
« on: January 08, 2021, 06:43:38 PM »
I am having a problem recently with my stepper motors grinding and missing steps while running programs. I have been running my cnc router for quite some time on Mach 3. I recently relocated the machine and have since been having issues with it. I can jog the machine in addition to using the "go to zero" function with no problems, the motors run smooth. The problem starts when I load and run a program. The motors on all three axis grind horribly and skip steps. The weird thing is that if I press "stop program" and then hit "cycle start" again, the motors run perfectly as if nothing happened. If I stop the program and do a "run from here" or restart the program completely, the grinding comes back, and can only be fixed by the "stop" "start" button presses. The fact that I can jog the motors just fine suggests to me that its not a mechanical or electrical issue. I have also tried different microstepping on the motors with no luck. I believe this to be a Mach problem, but I am lost as to why it is acting up now after I have been the setup for years. Any suggestions?