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Author Topic: Switching to a water cooled spindle like to use relay for turning pump on.  (Read 272 times)

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Thank you for previous questions I had and the help everyone give me.
Today, my question is:
I purchased a water cooled spindle with a VFD controller and all this is controlled with a dongle purged on a USB slot.
I am not using the relay to turn the router on and off with M3 and M5 any more.
My question is can I use the same relay I used for the router to turn the water pump on and off? Change the command to that output?   
My VFD is the Huanyang. Perhaps there is a way to connect the VFD directly to a relay to control the water pump. 
Also, I like to turn on a valve to turn high pressure air to blow the chips when using the CNC to cut aluminum
Thank you for any help on these questions. Like always I do really appreciate any help.