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MDI (Manual Data Input) is where you can manually enter any G Code and execute that G Code without having to make or load a program.  Pretty handy for little setups or just to tell the machine to do something real quick.

As far as setting your WCS (Work Zero) in Fusion360.  In your setup, you select your Stock Box Point.  See Picture.
Ramping into the part is a good way to get into your cut, but if you want to change just your plunge feedrate, it is done on the first tap of your operation.  Plunge Feedrate. See PIcture.

At the beginning of your program, at tool changes, and at the end of your program, Fusion will send the machine to a "Safe Retract Position"  Since you don't have home switches on your machine, it will send the machine to whatever Mach4 thinks is it's home position.  You can turn this off in the Safe Retract Position on your post properties.  See Picture.  I asked Autodesk to add the G30 option to this property to allow users the option of using G30 to move the machine to their desired locations using System Variables 5181 - 5183 for XYZ.

To learn more about Fusion and machining, if you haven't seen NYC CNC on youtube, check out some of his videos.  They are very informative.  His older stuff has a Fusion Friday series which has a lot of good information. 
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