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CNC machine issues
« on: October 06, 2020, 09:28:27 PM »
Hello. So im new here, if this post needs to be posted elsewhere or whatever please let me know.

So i made a hobbyist machine with a chinese kit of 4 servo motors and drivers. Ive managed to make everything work, though not everything a the same time. (i burned one of my drivers, but ive managed to make all other motors move and drivers work (3) at the same time).

Thing is, it honestly is mind boggling how some days stuff works and others it just doesnt. Couple of days ago i maanaged to make both X axis and the two Y axis motors to move. However today, X works, but Y just makes an awful grinding noise, and doesnt move. When this happens both Y drivers start flashing a red light, on a 7 time cycle. (last time while trying to check what it meant i left it on, which caused one of the drivers to burn up.) This happens even when just hitting the Estop button in mach3. Im... lost. All wiring has been checked with a multimeter and it works. Is it mach3 config? i really just dont know how it works one day then not the next while changing nothing. I can upload pics of anything you need, please, just help me. Thank you very much. My drivers are HLTNC HBS890H if that is of any help.
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