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issue with homing macro
« on: October 27, 2020, 07:32:04 PM »
I have a fairly simple macro that touches off against a reference block to zero the X and Y axes. The machine moves 1" in +X, then moves in +Y till it makes contact, and sets the DRO. Next it  moves back to the starting position, moves 1" in +Y, then moves in +X until it makes contact and sets the DRO.

The macro has worked for quite a while (months). In the past day or two the behavior is bizarre. It will run the first time or two I invoke it (from a button on my pendant). But the next time, it will start up and run through the Y contact, but then instead of returning to the starting position, it moves towards the starting position but also moves in the +Z direction. Since there are no Z moves in the macro, this is extra baffling. If I restart Mach3 (but not the machine or interface board), all is good again for one or two runs of the macro.

Other than this, Mach3 and the machine seem to run normally.

Any ideas on what to look at?