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Author Topic: Add a single line MDI with Enter property which executes like Mach3  (Read 7147 times)

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I can't believe that something as useful as the single line MDI isn't available in Mach4. It's something I use all the time, say to move the head up just type Z10<cr> and it's job done. Now you have to type it in and then use the mouse to click Cycle Start, and beware leaving any existing code in the MDI else that gets executed too.

It's a pain in the neck. Please please can you add another property to the MDI component that you can check to have a Single Line MDI which activates when you hit Return just like it was in Mach3 if you don't like or need the multi line MDI.

I really don't get the point of it as a multi line MDI. This is why we have programs...

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As Steve has already explained you do not need to use your mouse and click Cycle Start.

Just enter your single MDI then use Ctrl-Enter to execute the command. http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php/topic,37370.msg255638.html#msg255638

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or assign a little used key like '[' and use that to start your MDI running.

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I've been using the multi line MDI for a few days now, and I'm still very much of the opinion that a single line one is much more useful for the way I use my machine.

Why can't we have a single line version like before as an option? All it needs is a check box in the properties for the user to choose between multi line and a single line one. Another check box could let you automatically clear the MDI box when the command has been executed.

What I find is that 99% of the time I want to execute a single line, say to move the head up, set a feed rate or spindle speed and then do something else. Now, every time I use it, I have to clear what's in there before entering the new command.

I also think it's asking for trouble to leave the commands in there, especially when they share the same CycleStart button. I've already managed to start an existing MID command when I actually wanted to start the G-Code. Yes, I know it's my fault, but it's an accident waiting to happen!
there is a solution, I proposed it at the beginning of this thread.

Assign another key to do the job.

The Backslash key for instance could launch the MDI you just entered and I think could also be induced
to remove the line from the MDI panel when complete.

Would that be adequate?

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Re: Add a single line MDI with Enter property which executes like Mach3
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Many thanks to Dazthegas for providing a simple one line MDI solution which I've used daily for the past month or so. It does exactly what I used the Mach3 one for and it's so much more convenient than the multi-line MDI on Mach4.
I've kept the tab for the Mach4 MDI just in case I ever want to do a multi line command. I thought it was safer to strip out the Cycle Start from the combined button and add one for the MDI inside the tab which I think it much safer.

Re: Add a single line MDI with Enter property which executes like Mach3
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Digging out this thread while searching for a convenient MDI usage in Mach4 I'd like to say:

The most important MDI behavior in Mach3 for me was the command history.
Just browsing through the last entered lines using the arrow up/down key and editing the
commands if necessary.
That was sooo nice!
If find myself closing Mach4 and starting Mach3 just to use the convenient MDI of Mach3 quite often.

Please, NFS, bring back the MDI functionality of Mach3! 

Btw: It's not <Crtrl>-<Enter> to execute the MDI in Mach4, but <Shift>-<Alt>-<Enter>.