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Author Topic: G10L2 zaxis problem  (Read 252 times)

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G10L2 zaxis problem
« on: June 01, 2020, 06:44:30 AM »
Hello , i have a problem with mach3 . I use solidcam with the stock mach3 postprossesor to create toolpaths . I create an operation , and  from Solidcam Transformations-List i create an array of the same opperation in the xy plane and the post at the begining of the 2nd repeat is like this

N75 G0 Z25.
N80 G91 G10L2 P1 X30. Y0. Z0.
N85 G90
N90 (P-contour)
N95 G0 G54 X41.413 Y39.166
N105 G0 Z2.
N110 G1 Z-5. F300
N115 G3 X41.413 Y39.166 I-2. J0. F3000

after that happens i lose the z , it never goes down to  z-5 . If these are 100 holes at 10x10 array every hole has defferent z. if i run it again from my 0,0 first hole is correct , all the others are again different  from their previus wrong height. So no pattern of movement .i have tool offsets of