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Author Topic: Synchronized I/Os over Modbus ?  (Read 248 times)

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Synchronized I/Os over Modbus ?
« on: May 15, 2020, 08:24:46 AM »
I am trying to wrap my head around the following problem:
I have multiple devices controlled over i2c that I want to operate according to the position of the 3 axes of a my cnc setup.

To visualize the problem one could imagine to have the following situation:
- 4 nozzles attached to a CNC setup
- the CNC moves the nozzles around over a plane
- according to the current position, each nozzle is turned either on or off

As I see it, one would need two sets of data:
1) toolpaths, fed to Mach3 as gcode
2) 2D matrix of 0s and 1s representing the raster "image" to be printed, loaded on a PLC
3) a way to communicate the position of the axes from Mach3 to the PLC and, consequently, operate the devices nozzles consistently

Given that all the assumptions above make sense, would Modbus be the best channel for transmitting such information?
Or do you know of any better way to reach a similar result?