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Author Topic: Getting familiar with macros and cant get isMoving() to return right value  (Read 360 times)

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Im diving into macros in Mach3 and trying to figure out why, when I run a program just to read the state of isMoving(), it returns the wrong value. Am I missing something here? I've got the documentation open but can't find anything in there that would indicate why its reporting the wrong value.

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state = isMoving()
Message "Machine Moving = " & state

This values returns a 1, even though the machine is not moving (expecting a 0).

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just tested here in the VB Scripter window. working here.
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if you find some mistakes, in my bad bavarian english,they are yours.
Thank you for your response. When I put the code in the VB Scripter window I also get the expected 0. However when I load the code in a separate file (M801.M1S) and run M801 through the MDI input, it returns a 1. It is interpreting those two methods differently, not sure why.. or maybe im not loading it properly through MDI?

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You would normally have it in a while loop, mach3 only updates ever 50ms to 100ms or in some cases a short sleep(50) after the call helps.

While isMoving()


state = isMoving()
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