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MPG problem
« on: March 16, 2020, 09:59:24 AM »
Hey guys ,
I have a wired mpg from ebay I had hell getting this thing to work and with a lot of help from this fourm and a few others I was able to get it to work..... well I should use that word lightly the MPG moves the machine.. when I jog in any axis mach3 switches the axis to x everytime no matter what the MPG is set on and the res.( .1,.01,.001 ) dont work either they change on the flyout but the machine does not change. The other thing is it will only jog in the plus direction when I turn the wheeel counterclockwise it moves in the same direction . It feels like there is maybe a loose connection or something because it will work right for a second and then it will not do anything it is like it cuts in and out . Am i getting interference from something inside the controller box? Can anyone help I have had hell with this thing  >:(
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