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Author Topic: MACH3 USB BOard wiring to MD430 board need help Move topic if required  (Read 1254 times)

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Hello All

I have a Mach3 USB board and trying to wire it to a stepper motor control board MD430.  see attached pics.

The MD430 board has the terminals 5V, EN, DIR and STEP and trying to figure out how to connect to the XP, XD, 5V, GND on the MACH 3 board.

If someone can please help that would be great.  I have Mach 3 communicating with the mach3usb board no problem.

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This file refers to the MD430
It says the EN (enable) input can be left vacant if not used. Your USB board doesn't seem to have enable outputs. More information would be need to find its manual.

5V          +5V
XP          STEP
XD          DIR
--            EN - NO CONNECTION

The same pattern applies for the remaining axes.
Thank you!   It seems that the ST330 is the same as the MD430?   That is the link you gave me. 

I will try those connections.  I had all you showed me but not the 5v to 5v.