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Author Topic: Setup spindle control from mach 3  (Read 1475 times)

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Setup spindle control from mach 3
« on: March 06, 2020, 12:05:54 AM »
Calling all brainiacs,

We have recently upgraded our CNC machine with a 4KW/ 220v/ 15a G Penny water cooled spindle controled by a Huanyang Inverter model HY04D023B, with breakout board ECG Savebase, (as attachment), talking to mach 3.

Of course after much frustration of fishing through mach 3 setup manual,VFD manual, breakout board setup and many forums and youtube vid's, my spindle is still not working.

There is little information available on the spindle and VFD yet from help forums I have hooked up Forward command to Spindle control P17 and V1(analog voltage base frequency) to spindle speed output with there relative commons.
I have a change of state on the outputs 1 & 3 on the dianostics screen, and switching sound from the BoB but no change of voltage output at the BoB pins to VFD.
I am not only at the end of trying everything but also slowly going berserk.

Can you help me please?

Regards - Pete going nuts