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Author Topic: Hicon 7866 homing slave axis  (Read 1495 times)

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Hicon 7866 homing slave axis
« on: February 23, 2020, 08:59:52 AM »
I am having trouble getting my dual y axis motors to home properly. The Y side keeps bouncing on the switch or the A side will try to go the other direction after y trigger the home switch. I have tried everything I can think of my firmware is up to date, I am using the latest plug in, and my settings are as follows.
Homing/softlimits page

x0 Pos 2
y1 Pos 3
z2 Pos 1
a3 Neg 3
have tried with a3 with a pos and with a 4 no change.

Axis Mapping
a3 has no check and is slaved under y1 under slave 1

Input signals page
Motor 1 Home enabled Hicon P11 input 10
Motor 3 Home enabled Hicon P11 input 12

every now and again I will get limit switch Y++ tripped or Homing cancelled for Motor 3.

Any help is appreciated.

Re: Hicon 7866 homing slave axis
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Re: Hicon 7866 homing slave axis
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2020, 01:08:11 PM »
To better help you with your issue please reply with screenshots of your status window, HiCON plugin Config and mach config.

Here is the link to the latest plugin and firmware download. We updated it recently.