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Author Topic: Standalone THC for plasma configuration  (Read 774 times)

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Standalone THC for plasma configuration
« on: November 27, 2019, 09:34:06 AM »
Hi All

I am brand new to plasma and i have put my whole machine together from all kinds of parts. The x,y and z axis all work correctly when i do a normal axis tests. Directions all running correctly. My problem is configuring the standalone THC .

I have read quite a few forums by now, and cannot figure out how a standalone THC is configured to work with mach3.
A while back i bought a THC from Robot3t . The configuration documentation dont explain all i need to know.

The controller seem to be running the initial steps any THC standalone takes before it starts the cut.... touch off, pierce height, cutting height etc.

What i dont understand is how one need to configure the post processor to work in conjuction with the THC unit.

If i take the normal plasma PP from Cambam, it puts in its own touch off sequence and follows it like it would follow the Gcode in any case.
I am at the point where i can see that it mixes the postprocessor Gcode and the standalone THC touch off sequence all mixes up.
So it would for instance run a cut and while it is doing the x and y moves , i can see it does the standalone THC sequence for the z-axis as well inbetween. Obviously i need to configure my Cambam PP to work in conjunction with the THC.

The THC unit is a THC3T-04 unit from Robot3T. If someone has some experience on this unit , it would be even greater . 

So my questions are:
1. How does the Standalone THC unit know to follow its own sequence ?
2. What do i need/not need in my postprocessor  so it follows the THC sequence and NOT Cambams touch off sequence ?
3. What role does the M3.M1S macro play ? I have done some changes to this file as instructed by the documentation in order to get my input and output pins to work, which seem to be correct if i look at my touch off sequence running its course on a test , but NOT running actual

If someone can just explain to me how all fits together i would be normal and happy again.

Thank you