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TB6560 problems with Mach3
« on: November 24, 2019, 09:17:31 AM »
I have purchased a Tb6560 4 axis CNC controller which I would like to use to control my CNC machine with. The problem I got is that most of the time, I cannot move any axis using Mach 3 but sometimes it allows me to move an axis in just one direction. I am not sure if this is some sort of software issue or if something is wrong with the CNC controller in general? I have setup the software to the best of my knowledge using guides and forums found on the internet. Sometimes when I press one of the keys that should allow me to move the machine, I can hear this ticking sound from the controller.

I have a Workbee 500x750 CNC machine that is driven using screws, it has 2 Y-Axis motors that should work using the slave method but for some reason I can't even get that running. Also, it has a X-axis and a Z-axis. Sometimes I can move one of the Y-axis in one direction for about 4-5cm but to line it up again correctly I have to switch of the power to the board. This gives me think that the board Works partially because it supplies power to the motors. Also, I have examined the build quality of the machine itself and I believe that mechanically this machine should work.

I have used various computers to make this machine move, but neither has worked. I have also used a number of Parallel Port cables and USB cables to connect the PC to the board but I can't get it to run. I have also deleted Mach3 and reinstalled it a number of times but it gives me no luck.
Please help me get this sorted because I would like to use my machine as soon as possible.


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Re: TB6560 problems with Mach3
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2019, 09:42:21 AM »
Increase step pulse width in motor tuning
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