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Author Topic: Steps per inch calculated does not work as input into Mach 3 "steps per" tuning  (Read 783 times)

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Long story short, I started playing with DIY CNC in 2001, bought a 4 axis controller form Brewington Tech. Had a working machine back then, but didn't have the time to keep working with it. I recently revived the project and had to set up Mach 3 again(freeware version). This is the issue:

I have steppers rated at 200 steps per rev, using 1/8 micro stepping, lead screw is 1/2-10, 5 start, velocity set at 6ipm for safety, accel set at 4. Every where I have looked says the calculation of steps per inch should be 3200, but when I enter that into the motor tuning and save it, running a G0 X1 command gives me something near 1/8 of movement. Am I missing something in how this is to be calculated for the Mach 3 tuning?
I also tried the set axis steps calibration, and it suggests numbers that do not follow logic if I increase or decrease them. For example(not actual settings, but close), setting steps to 64k gets me a move at say, 1.25 inch instead of 1, but when I dial back to something like 48k, it only moves 1/8 inch. Nothing the program suggests as a change is even close to 1 inch after many attemps. When I turn the screw by hand, I get 1/2" per turn, so I know my backlash isn't in 1/8 inches or something crazy like that.