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Author Topic: USB Smooth stepper and Mach3 problem  (Read 1997 times)

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USB Smooth stepper and Mach3 problem
« on: September 26, 2019, 02:49:55 AM »
Hi All

I have a problem and I suspect that the Smooth Stepper board may be faulty. When an estop is triggered, mach3 continues to make the triggered estop noise at a regular interval after the initial estop is activated. I have checked all inputs to the Smooth Stepper board and also disabled all limit switch inputs in mach3 and this does not stop the problem. I have tried an external 5V power supply to no avail and I have obtained and installed a new copy of mach3 in case it was somehow corrupted. I note also that the problem still perseveres when the Smooth stepper is disconnected from the breakout board. I am now wondering if the Smooth Stepper board or the plugin is the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.