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Author Topic: Mach4 & ESS Dual motor homing  (Read 145 times)

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Mach4 & ESS Dual motor homing
« on: October 05, 2019, 05:56:26 AM »

I am looking at purchasing MACH4 and the EES Smooth steeper controller along with one the MB3 breakout boards.
My CNC builds has two motors / drivers for the Y axis.
What I would like to know is, but cannot find an exact answer, can I setup MACh4 / ESS to drive the Y axis using two motors and drivers with separate home sensors?
My plan is to auto square the gantry by homing each Y axis motors automatically.

I am new to CNC so I am not sure if this makes sense, but from what I have read it should be possible, but I just cannot find out 100% before buying the ESS controller and MACH4.

Any help or suggestions on this would be really appropriated.


Re: Mach4 & ESS Dual motor homing
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2019, 01:56:34 PM »
yes it can be done.

The procedure is that one home switch is designated as the master switch. When homing both motors are homed to that master switch.
After all, the motors have to move together. Once the gantry is at 'home', then each motor is homed to it own switch.
With any sort of luck each motor will only have to move 1mm or less and the gantry wont wrack with one motor driving at a time.
Once the gantry is square, that is both motors homed to their own switch, then they are linked back together so they travel/move
in unison.

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