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Hicon Integra 7866 + DMM Servos + DYN4 Drivers Wiring & I/O


Phantom Ghost:
I have bit off a little more than I intended to chew by upgrading/retrofitting my 3 axis gantry machine with a Hicon Integra 7866 + DMM Servos & DYN4 Drivers.  The machine was operating on 1841oz Chinese stepper motors, which moved rather slowly and often missed steps as they were not powerful enough.  I first upgraded the controller from a $25 5 axis breakout board + Mach3 to the Hicon Integra 7866 + Mach 4.  There was no significant performance improvement on the machine, but the controller worked as expected once I figured out the e-stop. 

Fast forward, and I have finally wired the DMM 750W servos to receive power and bench test (big big thanks to Stephen over @ DMM who provided me with lightning fast email responses).  I have auto tuned all 4 motors with the rs232 connection, however I cannot get any action from my motors through the Ethernet connection of Hicon controller. I feel this is quite strange being that I had no issues with my stepper motors, wiring, and Mach4.  I (think) have followed the wiring diagram provided by DMM, but am having issues.  Why do they have DYN2 and DYN4 drives on the same schematic?  I am clueless and hope to have some guidance from someone who has working servos with Mach4 and the Hicon Integra.  How is it wired and how are the ports and pins designated in Mach4?  What about the hicon configuration settings in Mach4?  Any layman examples out here?  Thanks


--- Quote ---Why do they have DYN2 and DYN4 drives on the same schematic?
--- End quote ---
This diagram does the job of two by showing the connections for either type drive. The  DYN2 drive can be replaced with another DYN4 wired in a fashion similar to the first DYN4.

The SP1 and DR1 pairs would be connected to the second drive like the SP0 and DR0 are connected to the drive pictured.
The +24 and COM pins on the DNY4 are not power pins for the DNY4 logic. They are the common terminals for groups of opto-isolated input and outputs. +24 is used with inputs, COM is used with outputs. However the wiring is done in a way that only allows one circuit from each group to be used, think of it a a hack to allow two slightly different systems to be connected.

I have replaced the DYN2 on the diagram with a DYN4. The wire from the second DYN4 COM pin 5 could be connected to either INP8 or INP9 depending on whether you want to share.

+24Vin is the drive enable. It could be moved to OUT1 if separate control is needed.

Again, it does sound strange that the +24Vin  is an input and COM pin 5 is an output but that's how this circuit works.

Phantom Ghost:
Ok, the only thing that looks different that I changed was directing all 4 +24v (Blue-Pin 16) to a single OUT0 instead of OUT 0-3.  I now get a red light on the J15 output #0 instead of 4 red lights 0-3.  Maybe this picture can help you help me?  How are the Input & Output Signal settings under Control in Mach4?

Vital System Support:
We are the support team from Vital System, could you help us find answers for these question below to help us debug your problem?

1.   What does the VSI device manager display when you scan network?
- Does it connect to the controller and display the controller’s serial number, Firmware version, FPGA version numbers, etc.,?
- Are you able to see all your activations in the activations tab?
- Do you see a Blue CPU Led blinking beside J6? (In your photographs couldn’t see one, may be the camera missed it.)
2.   What are your Mach4 pin mappings? 
-Have you enabled all the axes you are trying to use and tied them to the motors you want?
-Could you send us the best possible schematic that would describe your hardware setup very clearly?

-Please follow the above manual to get the right Mach4 mappings for your setup.

Phantom Ghost:
Bharavi, thanks for joining me on teamviewer to diagnose the issue. After we were unable to pinpoint the problem, I reached out to Stephen from DMM. His first suggestion was to check the command input mode in the DMM tuning software. It was set to RS232 instead of pulse/direction. What a simple oversight....


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