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Basic Wiring 7766


I am wiring things up and am having trouble with the e-stop, safety relay and INP0.
I am doing it wrong.
Can someone get me squared away?
What I have:
Powered 7766 (24v,5v,common & ground), PC with Mach4 and ethernet to 7766, 7766 plugin working (communicating with board), VSI communicating (latest firmware and FPGA), safety relay (coils activate with 24v power), an e-stop (with both NO/NC) wired for NC

What I need help getting to:
Correctly wiring so that the 7766 setting of ESTOP on pin 0 with an active on low (set via VSI) will work when I hit the e-stop (breaking the circuit and killing power to the driver/motor power supply).

I have attached an image in case it helps to doodle a response.


N.C. E-Stop pulls the input low, when it opens the relay pulls it high.
The diode catches the voltage spike from the relay that occurs when the switch opens.

I greatly appreciate your insanely rapid response that, also, most notably, worked.

Thank you.


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