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Shortcuts to gcode execution
« on: August 13, 2019, 06:44:43 PM »
Hopefully this hasn't come up before and I'm not bogging down the forum but I can't find it anywhere on google or in the manuals...

I want a way to run a section of gcode on demand either by a keyboard press or a button click.

Perhaps there is a way to load a gcode file and jump to specific sections of it and then run that section only for each shortcut.

Take for example hole drilling on a mill.  You hit 'shortcut 1', it runs the gcode to go to that hole X,Y then use the quill to drill, then 'shortcut2' for the next hole XY, etc...

It could be a simple section of code like G0XxYy, or several lines.  Just need a quick way to run them on demand without reloading each time. 

Anyone know a way to achieve this in mach3?

Thanks y'all