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THC not working
« on: July 05, 2019, 01:02:12 PM »
Just got a plasma table from Wright CNC and having an issue getting the THC to work.  If I turn the THC on it will do the touch off sequence, fire the plasma cutter, then just stay there in that one spot for a bit then turn the plasma off and just stay there.  If I turn the THC off it'll do the touch off sequence then start cutting the part out and it seems to raise the torch higher the longer the cut is to the point it's to far away to cut though the metal. 

Doing some research I've seen where they say to click the PlugIn Control dropdown and select PlugIn Config and there is a box to check for THC control.  However when I click on PlugIn Control at the top of the screen and the only thing that comes down is Video Window.

This is the first CNC thing I've ever done so I'm a total rookie.  Thanks for any help!