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Author Topic: THC UP Motion Command Failed Code 304, Disabling Digitize question  (Read 1079 times)

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1. Could you please help with unknown 304 error.
Integra 7766 keep showing this error in the status and the log:

16:56:08.906 - HiCON: THC UP Motion Command Failed ##### Code 304
16:56:08.907 - Signal id 166, (THC Up), changed from LOW to HIGH.

The wiring for Up and Down is correct, and THC corrections seems to be working, and least Down signal is working perfectly. Up signal work sometimes, but sometimes does not, and showing the error in the log within 1 millisecond from first H state of UP, following by the collision stop seconds later.
Attached log file.

Could you please explain what does the error code 304 implies?

2. Is there is an option to disable collision check by Digitize signal (Probe) in the THC sequence?
Its an ohmic probe, and the machine constantly stopped by the triggered sensor.
There is an option to disable the sensor electrically after start, so I powered the sensor from OUT0, 1 Amp is good enough. But can't find a good way to control the OUT0 from g-code or Mach4. Spindle On is busy with sequence, Spindle FWD switching on before Spindle On, and even Coolant M08 command executes instantly with M03.
M03 G04P0.1 M08 works, but this involves additional delays.

Thank you