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Re: Half Speed Drive
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Those Vexta's are serious stuff, and pricy

Yes they are. I paid about, on average, $250 for each stepper and 10:1 low lash (less than 2 arc min) planetary gearbox.
The drivers, on average, cost $150 each. Of course it was all second hand.

Not withstanding the cost I have never regretted the decision, it has been superb. I have not 'lost a step' in four years
and with the 10:1 gearbox and 5mm pitch (C5) ballsrews have 15kN thrust. Of course the 10:1 gearbox means its slow,
my 'rapids', if you can call them rapids, are 1200mm/min. I limit the acceleration because my 250kg mill starts throwing itself
around the workshop unless I tie it to the wall!

I was new at CNC at the time. If I had to make the same purchasing decisions today I would go for Delta or DMM servos instead.
Good AC servos have much reduced in price over the last few years.

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