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Fusion 360 for plasma cutting
« on: May 14, 2019, 12:27:18 PM »
I have a plasma table and Mach3. I would like to generate G-code with fusion 360. I have found a post production plugin for Mach3plasma but when I generate the g code and try to run it in Mach 3 I have some errors. For switching on the plasma I have G3 in stead of M3 ? In G-code viewer online the code works fine, but not in MACH 3 ? Why ? Is there a setting I need to adjust in MACH 3 ?
This is what I get for g-code trying to cut the letters "HALLO".
(Mach3 CNC Plasma)
(Fusion 360 CAM 2.0.5688)
(Mon May 13 20:34:38 2019)

(2D Profile1)
G0 X48.335 Y-4.903
G1 X47.88 Y0.076
G1 X47.845 Y0.093
G2 X47.824 Y0.103 I0.21 J0.454
G1 X47.653 Y0.192
G2 X47.635 Y0.201 I0.23 J0.444
G1 X47.466 Y0.298
G2 X47.45 Y0.307 I0.248 J0.434
G1 X47.284 Y0.41
G2 X47.271 Y0.419 I0.263 J0.425
G1 X47.107 Y0.527
G2 X47.096 Y0.535 I0.276 J0.417
G1 X46.934 Y0.649
G2 X46.925 Y0.655 I0.287 J0.409
G1 X46.764 Y0.773
G1 X46.758 Y0.778
G1 X46.598 Y0.899
G1 X46.593 Y0.903
G1 X46.435 Y1.027
G1 X46.432 Y1.029
G1 X46.274 Y1.154
G1 X46.273 Y1.156
G1 X46.115 Y1.282
G2 X46.025 Y1.375 I0.313 J0.39
G1 X45.901 Y1.544
G1 X45.9 Y1.546
G1 X45.776 Y1.716
G1 X45.773 Y1.719
G1 X45.651 Y1.889
G1 X45.648 Y1.894
G1 X45.528 Y2.065
G1 X45.524 Y2.072
G1 X45.408 Y2.244
G2 X45.402 Y2.253 I0.414 J0.28
G1 X45.29 Y2.427
G2 X45.283 Y2.437 I0.42 J0.271
G1 X45.176 Y2.613
G2 X45.169 Y2.626 I0.427 J0.26
G1 X45.068 Y2.804
G2 X45.059 Y2.819 I0.435 J0.247
G1 X44.965 Y2.999
G2 X44.956 Y3.017 I0.443 J0.232
G1 X44.87 Y3.2
G2 X44.861 Y3.22 I0.452 J0.214
G1 X44.782 Y3.406
G2 X44.773 Y3.428 I0.461 J0.194
G1 X44.704 Y3.618
G2 X44.697 Y3.64 I0.47 J0.171
G1 X44.637 Y3.833
G2 X44.631 Y3.853 I0.477 J0.149
G1 X44.579 Y4.049
G2 X44.574 Y4.067 I0.483 J0.129
G1 X44.529 Y4.266
G2 X44.526 Y4.283 I0.488 J0.11
G1 X44.488 Y4.483
G2 X44.485 Y4.498 I0.491 J0.093
G1 X44.453 Y4.701
G2 X44.451 Y4.714 I0.494 J0.078
G1 X44.424 Y4.919
G2 X44.423 Y4.93 I0.496 J0.065
G1 X44.401 Y5.136
G1 X44.4 Y5.145
G1 X44.381 Y5.353
G1 X44.38 Y5.36
G1 X44.364 Y5.569
G1 Y5.575
G1 X44.35 Y5.784
G1 Y5.788
G1 X44.338 Y5.998
G1 Y6.
G1 X44.327 Y6.21
G2 X44.326 Y6.251 I0.499 J0.027
G1 X44.33 Y6.384
G1 Y6.385
G1 X44.334 Y6.519
G1 Y6.521
G1 X44.338 Y6.655
G1 Y6.657
G1 X44.343 Y6.791
G1 Y6.795
G1 X44.35 Y6.928
G1 Y6.933
G1 X44.357 Y7.066
G1 X44.358 Y7.072
G1 X44.367 Y7.205
G1 Y7.211
G1 X44.378 Y7.343
G1 X44.379 Y7.352
G1 X44.392 Y7.484
G1 X44.393 Y7.492
G1 X44.408 Y7.624
G2 X44.409 Y7.634 I0.497 J-0.057
G1 X44.427 Y7.765
G2 X44.429 Y7.776 I0.495 J-0.068
G1 X44.449 Y7.906
G2 X44.451 Y7.918 I0.494 J-0.078
G1 X44.475 Y8.048
G2 X44.478 Y8.06 I0.492 J-0.09
G1 X44.505 Y8.19
G2 X44.507 Y8.201 I0.489 J-0.103
G1 X44.538 Y8.33
G2 X44.54 Y8.34 I0.487 J-0.114
G1 X44.573 Y8.468
G1 X44.575 Y8.477
G1 X44.611 Y8.605
G1 X44.613 Y8.613
G1 X44.65 Y8.74
G1 X44.652 Y8.747
G1 X44.691 Y8.874
G1 X44.693 Y8.879
G1 X44.734 Y9.006
G1 X44.735 Y9.011
G1 X44.777 Y9.137
G1 X44.778 Y9.14
G1 X44.821 Y9.267
G1 X44.822 Y9.269
G1 X44.866 Y9.395
G1 Y9.396
G1 X44.91 Y9.522
G2 X44.935 Y9.582 I0.472 J-0.164
G1 X44.973 Y9.657
G1 Y9.659
G1 X45.011 Y9.735
G1 X45.012 Y9.736
G1 X45.05 Y9.811
G1 X45.052 Y9.814
G1 X45.09 Y9.889
G1 X45.092 Y9.892
G1 X45.131 Y9.967
G1 X45.133 Y9.971
G1 X45.173 Y10.045
G1 X45.176 Y10.05
G1 X45.216 Y10.124
G1 X45.219 Y10.129
G1 X45.26 Y10.203
G1 X45.264 Y10.209
G1 X45.307 Y10.282
G1 X45.311 Y10.289
G1 X45.355 Y10.361
G1 X45.359 Y10.369
G1 X45.404 Y10.44
G1 X45.41 Y10.448
G1 X45.456 Y10.518
G2 X45.462 Y10.527 I0.417 J-0.276
G1 X45.51 Y10.596
G2 X45.516 Y10.604 I0.411 J-0.285
G1 X45.565 Y10.672
G1 X45.57 Y10.68
G1 X45.621 Y10.747
G1 X45.626 Y10.753
G1 X45.677 Y10.82
G1 X45.682 Y10.825
G1 X45.734 Y10.891
G1 X45.739 Y10.896
G1 X45.792 Y10.961
G1 X45.795 Y10.965
G1 X45.85 Y11.03
G1 X45.853 Y11.034
G1 X45.908 Y11.098
G1 X45.91 Y11.1
G1 X45.965 Y11.164
G1 X45.967 Y11.166
G1 X46.023 Y11.23
G1 X46.024 Y11.231
G1 X46.08 Y11.295
G1 X46.081
G1 X46.137 Y11.359
G2 X46.168 Y11.39 I0.374 J-0.332
G1 X46.227 Y11.446
G1 Y11.447
G1 X46.286 Y11.502
G1 X46.288 Y11.503
G1 X46.347 Y11.559
G1 X46.349 Y11.561
G1 X46.409 Y11.616
G1 X46.412 Y11.618
G1 X46.471 Y11.672
G1 X46.475 Y11.676
G1 X46.536 Y11.729
G1 X46.54 Y11.733
G1 X46.6 Y11.786
G1 X46.607 Y11.791
G1 X46.668 Y11.843
G1 X46.674 Y11.848
G1 X46.736 Y11.898
G1 X46.743 Y11.904
G1 X46.807 Y11.953
G2 X46.815 Y11.96 I0.309 J-0.393
G1 X46.879 Y12.008
G2 X46.888 Y12.015 I0.3 J-0.4
G1 X46.953 Y12.061
G2 X46.963 Y12.068 I0.291 J-0.406
G1 X47.029 Y12.113
G2 X47.039 Y12.12 I0.281 J-0.414
G1 X47.106 Y12.163
G2 X47.116 Y12.169 I0.272 J-0.42
G1 X47.184 Y12.211
G1 X47.192 Y12.216
G1 X47.261 Y12.257
G1 X47.269 Y12.261
G1 X47.338 Y12.301
G1 X47.346 Y12.305
G1 X47.416 Y12.343
G1 X47.421 Y12.346
G1 X47.492 Y12.384
G1 X47.497 Y12.386
G1 X47.569 Y12.423
G1 X47.573 Y12.425
G1 X47.645 Y12.462
G1 X47.648 Y12.463
G1 X47.72 Y12.499
G1 X47.722 Y12.5
G1 X47.795 Y12.536
G1 X47.796
G1 X47.869 Y12.572
G2 X47.924 Y12.595 I0.219 J-0.449
G1 X48.031 Y12.632
G1 X48.138 Y12.669
G1 X48.14
G1 X48.246 Y12.705
G1 X48.249 Y12.707
G1 X48.356 Y12.742
G1 X48.36 Y12.743
G1 X48.466 Y12.778
G1 X48.471 Y12.779
G1 X48.578 Y12.812
G1 X48.585 Y12.814
G1 X48.692 Y12.846
G1 X48.699 Y12.848
G1 X48.806 Y12.878
G1 X48.815 Y12.881
G1 X48.923 Y12.909
G2 X48.932 Y12.911 I0.126 J-0.484
G1 X49.041 Y12.937
G2 X49.051 Y12.939 I0.116 J-0.486
G1 X49.159 Y12.963
G2 X49.172 Y12.965 I0.106 J-0.489
G1 X49.281 Y12.986
G2 X49.292 Y12.988 I0.094 J-0.491
G1 X49.402 Y13.007
G2 X49.413 Y13.008 I0.082 J-0.493
G1 X49.523 Y13.024
G2 X49.533 Y13.026 I0.071 J-0.495
G1 X49.643 Y13.039
G1 X49.652 Y13.04
G1 X49.763 Y13.052
G1 X49.771 Y13.053
G1 X49.882 Y13.063
G1 X49.889
G1 X50.001 Y13.072
G1 X50.006
G1 X50.118 Y13.079
G1 X50.123 Y13.08
G1 X50.235 Y13.086
G1 X50.239
G1 X50.351 Y13.091
G1 X50.354
G1 X50.466 Y13.096
G1 X50.469
G1 X50.581 Y13.1
G1 X50.694 Y13.104
G2 X50.746 Y13.103 I0.017 J-0.5
G1 X50.947 Y13.089
G1 X50.948
G1 X51.149 Y13.074
G1 X51.154
G1 X51.354 Y13.058
G1 X51.36 Y13.057
G1 X51.559 Y13.039
G1 X51.567 Y13.038
G1 X51.765 Y13.017
G1 X51.775 Y13.016
G1 X51.972 Y12.99
G2 X51.984 Y12.989 I-0.064 J-0.496
G1 X52.179 Y12.959
G2 X52.193 Y12.957 I-0.075 J-0.494
G1 X52.386 Y12.922
G2 X52.402 Y12.919 I-0.089 J-0.492
G1 X52.592 Y12.878
G2 X52.61 Y12.873 I-0.105 J-0.489
G1 X52.798 Y12.826
G2 X52.818 Y12.82 I-0.123 J-0.485
G1 X53.003 Y12.765
G2 X53.025 Y12.758 I-0.143 J-0.479
G1 X53.207 Y12.694
G2 X53.23 Y12.685 I-0.166 J-0.472
G1 X53.408 Y12.612
G2 X53.431 Y12.602 I-0.189 J-0.463
G1 X53.606 Y12.521
G2 X53.626 Y12.51 I-0.212 J-0.453
G1 X53.797 Y12.421
G2 X53.815 Y12.411 I-0.232 J-0.443
G1 X53.983 Y12.313
G2 X53.998 Y12.304 I-0.25 J-0.433
G1 X54.164 Y12.2
G2 X54.177 Y12.192 I-0.266 J-0.424
G1 X54.34 Y12.083
G2 X54.351 Y12.075 I-0.278 J-0.415
G1 X54.512 Y11.961
G2 X54.521 Y11.954 I-0.29 J-0.408
G1 X54.68 Y11.836
G1 X54.687 Y11.831
G1 X54.846 Y11.709
G1 X54.851 Y11.705
G1 X55.008 Y11.581
G1 X55.011 Y11.578
G1 X55.168 Y11.452
G1 X55.169 Y11.451
G1 X55.326 Y11.324
G2 X55.414 Y11.232 I-0.315 J-0.388
G1 X55.54 Y11.06
G1 X55.541 Y11.058
G1 X55.667 Y10.886
G1 X55.67 Y10.882
G1 X55.793 Y10.71
G1 X55.797 Y10.705
G1 X55.918 Y10.531
G1 X55.923 Y10.524
G1 X56.04 Y10.349
G2 X56.046 Y10.34 I-0.415 J-0.279
G1 X56.16 Y10.164
G2 X56.167 Y10.153 I-0.421 J-0.27
G1 X56.275 Y9.974
G2 X56.282 Y9.961 I-0.428 J-0.259
G1 X56.385 Y9.781
G2 X56.393 Y9.765 I-0.435 J-0.246
G1 X56.488 Y9.582
G2 X56.497 Y9.564 I-0.443 J-0.231
G1 X56.585 Y9.378
G2 X56.594 Y9.358 I-0.452 J-0.213
G1 X56.673 Y9.169
G2 X56.682 Y9.146 I-0.461 J-0.193
G1 X56.751 Y8.954
G2 X56.759 Y8.931 I-0.47 J-0.17
G1 X56.82 Y8.736
G2 X56.825 Y8.715 I-0.478 J-0.148
G1 X56.878 Y8.516
G2 X56.882 Y8.498 I-0.483 J-0.127
G1 X56.927 Y8.296
G2 X56.931 Y8.279 I-0.488 J-0.109
G1 X56.969 Y8.075
G2 X56.972 Y8.06 I-0.492 J-0.092
G1 X57.004 Y7.854
G2 X57.006 Y7.841 I-0.494 J-0.077
G1 X57.032 Y7.633
G2 X57.034 Y7.622 I-0.496 J-0.064
G1 X57.056 Y7.412
G1 X57.057 Y7.403
G1 X57.076 Y7.192
G1 Y7.185
G1 X57.092 Y6.973
G1 Y6.967
G1 X57.106 Y6.754
G1 Y6.751
G1 X57.118 Y6.537
G1 Y6.535
G1 X57.129 Y6.321
G2 Y6.269 I-0.499 J-0.026
G1 X57.118 Y6.057
G1 Y6.055
G1 X57.106 Y5.843
G1 Y5.839
G1 X57.092 Y5.628
G1 Y5.622
G1 X57.076 Y5.412
G1 Y5.404
G1 X57.057 Y5.195
G1 X57.056 Y5.185
G1 X57.034 Y4.977
G2 X57.033 Y4.966 I-0.497 J0.053
G1 X57.006 Y4.759
G2 X57.004 Y4.746 I-0.496 J0.064
G1 X56.972 Y4.541
G2 X56.97 Y4.527 I-0.494 J0.077
G1 X56.932 Y4.324
G2 X56.929 Y4.307 I-0.492 J0.092
G1 X56.884 Y4.107
G2 X56.88 Y4.088 I-0.488 J0.108
G1 X56.828 Y3.89
G2 X56.822 Y3.87 I-0.484 J0.127
G1 X56.762 Y3.675
G2 X56.754 Y3.653 I-0.478 J0.147
G1 X56.685 Y3.462
G2 X56.677 Y3.439 I-0.47 J0.17
G1 X56.599 Y3.251
G2 X56.59 Y3.231 I-0.462 J0.192
G1 X56.503 Y3.046
G2 X56.494 Y3.028 I-0.453 J0.212
G1 X56.4 Y2.846
G2 X56.392 Y2.831 I-0.444 J0.23
G1 X56.29 Y2.651
G2 X56.283 Y2.638 I-0.436 J0.245
G1 X56.176 Y2.46
G2 X56.169 Y2.449 I-0.428 J0.258
G1 X56.057 Y2.274
G2 X56.051 Y2.265 I-0.422 J0.269
G1 X55.935 Y2.09
G1 X55.93 Y2.084
G1 X55.81 Y1.911
G1 X55.807 Y1.905
G1 X55.684 Y1.733
G1 X55.682 Y1.73
G1 X55.558 Y1.558
G1 X55.556 Y1.557
G1 X55.432 Y1.386
G2 X55.342 Y1.292 I-0.404 J0.295
G1 X55.187 Y1.165
G1 X55.185 Y1.164
G1 X55.029 Y1.039
G1 X55.026 Y1.036
G1 X54.869 Y0.912
G1 X54.864 Y0.908
G1 X54.706 Y0.787
G1 X54.699 Y0.782
G1 X54.54 Y0.664
G2 X54.532 Y0.658 I-0.298 J0.401
G1 X54.371 Y0.544
G2 X54.36 Y0.536 I-0.289 J0.408
G1 X54.197 Y0.427
G2 X54.184 Y0.419 I-0.278 J0.415
G1 X54.02 Y0.315
G2 X54.004 Y0.306 I-0.265 J0.424
G1 X53.837 Y0.209
G2 X53.819 Y0.2 I-0.25 J0.433
G1 X53.649 Y0.11
G2 X53.628 Y0.1 I-0.232 J0.443
G1 X53.454 Y0.019
G2 X53.431 Y0.009 I-0.212 J0.453
G1 X53.254 Y-0.063
G2 X53.231 Y-0.072 I-0.189 J0.463
G1 X53.05 Y-0.136
G2 X53.028 Y-0.143 I-0.165 J0.472
G1 X52.844 Y-0.198
G2 X52.823 Y-0.203 I-0.143 J0.479
G1 X52.636 Y-0.251
G2 X52.618 Y-0.255 I-0.123 J0.485
G1 X52.428 Y-0.296
G2 X52.413 Y-0.299 I-0.105 J0.489
G1 X52.22 Y-0.334
G2 X52.206 Y-0.336 I-0.089 J0.492
G1 X52.012 Y-0.366
G2 X52. Y-0.367 I-0.075 J0.494
G1 X51.804 Y-0.392
G1 X51.795 Y-0.394
G1 X51.597 Y-0.415
G1 X51.589 Y-0.416
G1 X51.39 Y-0.434
G1 X51.385
G1 X51.185 Y-0.45
G1 X51.181 Y-0.451
G1 X50.981 Y-0.465
G1 X50.979
G1 X50.779 Y-0.479
G2 X50.712 I-0.034 J0.499
G1 X50.51 Y-0.466
G1 X50.508
G1 X50.306 Y-0.451
G1 X50.303
G1 X50.102 Y-0.436
G1 X50.096 Y-0.435
G1 X49.896 Y-0.417
G1 X49.888
G1 X49.69 Y-0.396
G1 X49.68 Y-0.395
G1 X49.483 Y-0.37
G2 X49.471 Y-0.369 I0.062 J0.496
G1 X49.275 Y-0.34
G2 X49.261 Y-0.337 I0.073 J0.495
G1 X49.068 Y-0.303
G2 X49.052 Y-0.3 I0.087 J0.492
G1 X48.861 Y-0.26
G2 X48.843 Y-0.255 I0.103 J0.489
G1 X48.655 Y-0.208
G2 X48.635 Y-0.203 I0.121 J0.485
G1 X48.449 Y-0.148
G2 X48.427 Y-0.141 I0.141 J0.48
G1 X48.245 Y-0.079
G2 X48.222 Y-0.07 I0.163 J0.473
G1 X48.043 Y0.002
G2 X48.02 Y0.012 I0.186 J0.464
G1 X47.88 Y0.076
G1 X43.796 Y-2.808
G0 X39.043 Y-4.603
G1 X36.543 Y-0.272
G1 X35.006
G2 X34.506 Y0.228 I0. J0.5
G1 Y12.297
G2 X35.006 Y12.797 I0.5 J0.
G1 X37.463
G2 X37.963 Y12.297 I0. J-0.5
G1 Y6.237
G1 Y2.778
G1 X40.963
G1 X43.572
G2 X44.072 Y2.278 I0. J-0.5
G1 Y0.228
G2 X43.572 Y-0.272 I-0.5 J0.
G1 X36.543
G1 X34.043 Y-4.603
G0 X30.756
G1 X28.256 Y-0.272
G1 X24.622
G2 X24.122 Y0.228 I0. J0.5
G1 Y12.297
G2 X24.622 Y12.797 I0.5 J0.
G1 X27.079
G2 X27.579 Y12.297 I0. J-0.5
G1 Y2.778
G1 X33.188
G2 X33.688 Y2.278 I0. J-0.5
G1 Y0.228
G2 X33.188 Y-0.272 I-0.5 J0.
G1 X28.256
G1 X25.756 Y-4.603
G0 X20.279 Y-1.838
G1 X17.779 Y2.492
G1 X15.003
G1 X14.118 Y0.057
G2 X13.648 Y-0.272 I-0.47 J0.171
G1 X11.042
G2 X10.576 Y0.409 I0. J0.5
G1 X15.316 Y12.578
G2 X15.781 Y12.896 I0.466 J-0.181
G1 X18.38
G2 X18.844 Y12.582 I0. J-0.5
G1 X23.716 Y0.413
G2 X23.252 Y-0.272 I-0.464 J-0.186
G1 X20.579
G2 X20.113 Y0.048 I0. J0.5
G1 X19.173 Y2.492
G1 X17.779
G1 X15.279 Y-1.838
G0 X4.475 Y-4.603
G1 X1.975 Y-0.272
G1 X0.01
G2 X-0.49 Y0.228 I0. J0.5
G1 Y12.396
G2 X0.01 Y12.896 I0.5 J0.
G1 X2.467
G2 X2.967 Y12.396 I0. J-0.5
G1 Y8.107
G1 X6.781
G1 Y12.396
G2 X7.281 Y12.896 I0.5 J0.
G1 X9.739
G2 X10.239 Y12.396 I0. J-0.5
G1 Y0.409
G1 Y0.228
G2 X9.739 Y-0.272 I-0.5 J0.
G1 X7.281
G2 X6.781 Y0.228 I0. J0.5
G1 Y5.048
G1 X2.967
G1 Y0.228
G2 X2.467 Y-0.272 I-0.5 J0.
G1 X1.975
G1 X-0.525 Y-4.603


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Re: Fusion 360 for plasma cutting
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2019, 01:41:11 AM »
Try using the later Post Processor which you can download from here;  https://cam.autodesk.com/hsmposts

Re: Fusion 360 for plasma cutting
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2019, 07:49:33 AM »
Thanks, will try that !