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Author Topic: g-code set up  (Read 6395 times)

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Re: g-code set up
« Reply #10 on: August 20, 2007, 08:55:12 PM »
Hey Robert,

Yeah the link might be hard to find to the file, it is below the post I made. It might be easer to download the swf if I provide a link:
Right click on this link and "Save Target as"...or go back to the post and find the Icon "Download":

The Scale.swf just does the math for you; you can just simply grab a calculator to do the same as its doing and type in the scale.

For example if you wanted to scale the part down to 5 inch by 5 inches

The road runner is currently X: 7.7282 Y: 6.3797 Z: 0.3

So to scale that down to: 5 inch without stretching the shape it would be Scale X: 0.6470 Y: 0,6470 Z: 0.6470 because 1.0 is the current size unscaled (%1.0).

So to do the math it would be the total Width Length and height divided by the desired amount
X: 5/7.7282
Y: 5/6.3797
Z: 5/0.3

The flash wizard just does all this for you quickly without mistakes  ;D