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Re: Mach Driver and Port Address
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so what about the UC100, did it work? It should work on a Windows 10 PC just as well as Windows 7.

The only reason I don't like the UC100, or its direct competitor  the 57CNCdb25 is that it has only 'one ports'
worth of IO. That is to say 12 outputs and 5 inputs.

An ESS has 51 inputs and outputs (three ports), the 57CNC has 57 inputs and outputs including several analogue signals
(an impressive and clever feature) and the UC300 has 85 inputs and outputs (five ports) including two analogue signals.
So for an extra $30 to $60 you get a whole bunch more.

Another thing that the ESS has going for it is that the maximum pulse rate is 4MHz. Compare that to 100-125kHz for the
UC*** series and 57CNC and its variants. Machs parallel port kernel speed is 25Hz by default. A few people run Machs
parallel port as fast as 100kHz but 45kHz or less is the norm. The upshot is that the ESS can handily accommodate high
resolution steppers, servo and encoders for which the other brands will struggle.

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