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Hi, good morning, I did some hard reading last night and got that one figured out and seems to work, I did the sigscript.  Took me awhile to see what I was doing wrong.  Had the code at the end for one, now at the top of the siglib.  Then I had syntax errors, and figured that out and now it works.  I tried to do that same thing with refallhome but that I guess is different because of the coroutine.   Hard for me with this mach4, totally diff from mach3.   Have to learn all this programing with my limited time, wish I had 1/10 of your knowledge on this.  Hard for me to go to programing from manufacturing, like switching from a car to a plane to Alaska.  I'll just keep reading, knowledge is power.  Check out my website when you get a chance, fritzzco.com   Thanks for your time.   I'll do more reading and try the coroutine again.