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Author Topic: How to generate gcode to do pearling  (Read 1848 times)

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Re: How to generate gcode to do pearling
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Didn't see this thread - musta been sleeping for a while.

This is also called "Engine Turning".  There is (was??) an add-on package to MACH3 that can be used "standalone" called "D2NC. It has routines for doing this for rectangular areas.  It does not include "keep-out" areas for areas where you might not want the work done.  Say if there was a recess or hole in the part, or an edge that might catch the tooling.  It uses G82 cycle - Drilling with dwell.

I have done this many times.  I use rubber material (in US from McMaster).  For the grit, I use powered 200 grit polishing/ finishing compound and put it 50-50 by volume in dish soap.  Yes, dish soap, it cleans up easily, is thick so it doesn't splatter all over.  Also, the rubber should extend from the collet not much more than about 25%-35% of the rubber's width, otherwise it might catch on edges and tear, ruin the finish.  As a guide, about 1000 RPM for a 3/4 rubber "eraser", and drill depth is about 0.03" into surface, dwell time is 3 seconds.

One thing to keep in mind:  Don't get too fancy with the code to cover a large area as the rubber gets worn away a bit and the Z Axis has to be jogged down a bet every 50 to 100 imprints.
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