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Slave axis seems to be not suported by Pokeys57CNC and Mach3



I decided to switch from LPT port controller to Pokeys57CNC in order to have enhanced functionality of my CNC router.

So I set up all of the functions that I need plus some new functions, but I was disappointed when I found that slave axis seems to be not supported by Pokeys.

The problem is that slave axis moves only in one direction (never mind if I jog in + or - direction, slave axis is moving in +direction), apart of that it moves at max speed set on Mach3.

I checked all of the settings related, but I can't find any reason for this issue. It seems that slave axis is not supported by Pokeys57CNC.

Has somebody had such issue?

Pokeys 57cnc and Mach3 can run 6 axis.  Axis A, B and C can be slaved to X,Y and Z.  Slave settings are done in Mach3 and your settings in the plug in on pulse engine tab need to be setup correctly.

I have running all 6 axis with a 57CNC on one machine and 57E on a different 6 axis machine.  The 57U also runs 6 Axis with Mach3.

Best way to get help from Pokeys is to open a support ticket with them.  They are quick to help.

Hello again!

Yes, i found that the problem is not in PoKeys57CNC, but in the Pendant that I use.
As far as I jog the machine by keyboard slave axis works correctly. When I jog it with pendant the problem occurs.
I use iMach pendant from VistaCNC.

Thanks for reply!


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