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So there are few things i have not seen done and am sure is possible with Pokeys57cnc.
 #1 - Control of automatic tool turret. The tool turret circuit for C5 CNC utilizes a dpdt relay to send 12v for forward movement and then 3.3v via step down converter to reverse back to pawl and "lock" turret in position. This is done via timing to advance through the 6 positions. Will pokeys57cnc be able to process the cycle via internal timer or subroutine in mach 4? How would i set up this tool change in pokeys and mach 4? I could do this manually with a switch, but kind of not a automatic tool changer then.
 #2 - DC spindle with encoder for indexing, threading. Am i able to set this up a' la cart, meaning dc motor, dc motor controller, and encoder through pokeys and mach 4? Would it be easier to buy a DC Servo kit, and if so, how do i communicate continuous rpm and switch to indexing through Pokeys or Mach 4?
I guess there is a pokeys component and Mach 4 component to each of these situations. Looking for some help.

So, i did find an article on the threading part where pokeys57e was used in conjunction with modbus and external pulse generator. Will pokeys57cnc do this without the extension?


I have a C5 CNC with pokeys 57 CNC. You can find information in this forum:

In short: I replaced the spindle motor with a new motor and a VFD. I also replaced the spindle encoder and threading works flawlessly. The turret is controlled with a pololu dc motor driver which recieves PWM from pokeys.


Thanks for the information Martin. Is your spindle motor replacement ac or dc? Was any special code needed for turret programming in mach4?
I currently have turret test wired as I be seen done with a acorn board. Using a 12v dpdt relay and buck converter at 3.3v for reverse to lock position.

The spindle motor is a 550W AC Motor which gives me a max. speed of 3000 min-1 on the spindle. It could run even faster but i don't need it...
I equipped the turret with optical sensors to detect the position, because I didn't like the time based control. To make it work you need a custom tool change macro in Mach4. I am not a software guy so lets just say i made it work but i guess the code could have been done much cleaner and more efficiently.
Please refer to the forum I have posted several images of the modifications there.



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