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VFD RPM control wiht Pokey57CNC 1-10V output does not propperly work

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Now I also did a test by directly 'infusing' 0-12V from my Lab power supply into the Inverter to VI and DCM.
Works also like a charm.

ok sounds like you have all 'basic' tests allready done.
maybe you can give me some more detailed Information about your wiring,
just  to confirm. (ok i know that is "i know every better mode")
all that sounds like a grounding (0V) Problem.


If somebody has the same problem, here the solution:
I did several experiments meanwhile and also went back to the idea that the Inverter infuses to much noise down the lines. So I tried the Ferritering again. But this time with two really big Ferrite Tubes and a large amount of windings and put them separate to both lines, one per line (Vi and iGND). And I added a Capacitor with 10uF between Vi and iGND.
It became much better. Not perfect but much better. So this was the right trace to follow.
So I did the XXL hard core version of it (see Pic's).
Two really big ferrites, lots of windings and, very important: a 0.022uF Capacitor between iGND and 0-10V output.
With all this it now works 100% OK

Thank you TPS for the coaching!

Nice! I see you are also using the postep60-256 drivers as well. might wannt to tie those twisted lines off before your fan eats em' ;)

This was just the test-setup. Now all is nicely fixed, no food for the Fan.  :-)


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