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VFD RPM control wiht Pokey57CNC 1-10V output does not propperly work

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Everything on the setup is working fine including. Hoever, one big problem is unsolved so far.
Maybe you can help me for this (Mach3, Pokeys57CNC, Fuling inverter DZB215DK)

The Pokeys57CNC will allow me to turn on/off the spindle with Mach3 via OC1 on the Pokeys which works fine. It also outputs exactly up to 10v on the 0-10V socket when not connected to the VFD. Looks good. Also masured at the VFD, as long as the VFD is not powered on. No shorts in the cables. Everything is fully shielded. The cable to the VFD is a LAN cable, twisted pair, each pair shielded and the whole cable shielded. Plus a Ferite at the end. So unlikely a noise problem.

Now: When connected to my VFD and after the VFD is turned on it will automatically draw almost 8V from the board (without an M3 command). The 10V shrink immediately to about 1V

I can't get an acurate speed on the spindle. When running can't get a speed over 8'330 rpm when set at 18000k. When it runs at this speed i measure 4.8V at the VI (PWM) input

The board is connected via VI and iGND. Pokey config according to Page 26 of the Polabs Mach3 plugin manual. Mach 3 is set to PWM control.

It's like the VFD is drawing in voltage, it's as if it needs a standard xxV then needs to be 'topped up' by the board. Every measurement I take from the board is several volts lower than the expected as soon as the VFD is powered on.

I've checked the board several times when not connected to a VFD and the output is as you'd expect at 0/12/24k rpm.

I have no clue where to search any longer.

I really appreciate any hint whre to search.

no sure i foud the right Manual, but the one i found is talking about a
analog Input select Switch for 0-10V and 4-20mA.

Thank you very much (Danke vielmals) that you even serched for a manual. My Version of the Inverter has a dedicated VI for 1-10V voltage input and a separate CI input. So no switch. The noise redcution (Ferrite and Capacity  as shown on the Diagram I have implemented as well).

for a test would be good to connect a potentiometer (10k) to tha analog Input
and measure the voltage there.

Thsi is what I did first to find out if it is an Inverter problem. Worsk perfectly, 0-10V at 0.5mA. Thsi way the spindle rotates zero to full RPM nicely.


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