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Author Topic: Mach 4 and cheap 6040 router  (Read 584 times)

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Mach 4 and cheap 6040 router
« on: December 13, 2018, 12:33:26 AM »
Hey guys i tried the Mach4 demo and canĀ“t connect to the machine.  ??? Do i need a special plugin or anything else to get it work ??? It is a 6040z with an YOOCNC M3-USB-JB4 ( V2.8 ) controller and is connected via USB. Many thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Mach 4 and cheap 6040 router
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2018, 02:13:58 AM »
to my knowledge there is no Chinese made USB controller that works with Mach4. XHC have one that they claim works
with Mach4 but it doesn't.

I suspect that your controller will work with Mach3 only....and maybe not even then...Chinese controllers are rather hit and miss.

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