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Not much machining to do for this project. I wanted a small, light weight, solid and easily adjustable pistol
rest I could take to the range which could be used for any pistol size. This rest allows one to just sit at the bench
in normal position and not be bent over when sighting the gun.The rest  will work for a small pistol like the Ruger
LCD to the large frame S&W 29 with 8” barrel.

Item #1 is a 1 ½” diameter base and allows for  2"  of fine adjustment and has a locking collar.  The small base
rest does not interfer with  one or two handed gripping of the pistol.  
Item #2 allows for 4" of front and 3" of rear height adjustment. The front pad has a large round filed into the
soft rubber pad.

Item #3  the bottom base, has four leveling screws and the grip bass is slotted / can be rotated 180 deg to provide
for a wide range of horizontal movement ( 2- 9”+).

Tested the rest out at the the range and works like a charm. :)


Excellent  ;)


A cool idea Rich, nice job.
I think I may some materials here to make one for myself ...... so long as I don't break a leg and need them. :)

See ya,

You can find crutches for next to nothing and saves time. Note that the button holes in the rear leg compared to the front leg are offset by half the amount. The legs are epoxed into the plastic bases with Gorilla 5 minute epoxy ( Devcon epoxy would be better as it is slow setting) and the working time may only be 3 minutes so make sure the fit is good. You want a fine thread on the adjusting screw in the rear leg.

I may make another one ......what else would I do with the other crutch!
For the next one, may make that the legs such that they  fold down, which makes the whole assemble more  compact.

BTW, In use make sure that you pinky finger remains on the grip after the shot since it may get pinched.



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