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g31 and noise
« on: September 30, 2018, 03:04:00 AM »
I have an ESS based system and am trying to get my new tool height probe to work. It is a simple passive switch that is normally closed and grounds an ESS input pin until the moving z axis touches it, then it opens and signals high. I have been running G31 commands from the MDI and seeing Mach4 disabled due to noise after the first trigger. I have put caps on it, but it still gets noisy at a feedrate slower then 30. I have tried noise filtering on the pin, but I think when the Z axis is running slow, it can stop at a spot where the probe is in a noisy zone. I am not sure why the system disables Mach if it detects noise after the probe fires the first time. I care about the first hit and would be happy if any other hits were totally ignored. Is there a way to stop Mach from paying attention to probe signals after the first one and stay enabled so that the first G31 can be followed by other GCode that moves the z axis up and then takes another measurement pass?