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Milldred gets some

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Bought a 5 axis minitech, been getting her up and running in my spare time.

first cur from her yesterday, 60mm across diameter, 8 hours cut.. pathed with deskproto and even at 1200mm/min i was seeing sustained 150mm actual..
going to try recut using my RhinoCam copy and arcfit the path, see if i can sustain a higher feedrate.

Good to see you back, Chris.
Been a long time.

thanks, yeap, was in Thailand for a few years doing a thing or two, back in Australia now.

The thing slowing you down is acceleration. With a trapezoidal move profile you simply don't get to speed on a short move. Depending on where you are currently a higher voltage power supply, if the drives can handle it may help a lot.  The next step would be bigger motors and or drives.  If you go new motors get low inductance ones as that makes a big difference too.

My machine moves at 7600 mm/min rapids with 68vdc power supply and large nema 34 steppers. It gets up to speed scary fast!  Big CNC machines can do huge accelerations which is what actually reduces the cutting time.

Excellent work Chris.



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