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motor is stuttering
« on: August 05, 2007, 06:09:29 PM »
The problem is all three of my axis are rhythmically stuttering. The steppers seem to be interrupted in a very short and rhythmic way slightly faster than every second.  When I first installed the software everything worked fine. It has gradually become worse. When I first load mach 3 (ver2) it is often very bad and the stutter is big and often the motors stall completely. If I then reboot the problem is often much smaller with the stutter lasting a fraction of a second.

I have tried lots of different things from the forums
I have changed the step and dir pulse to 5 us and I have turned all other programs off in the startup using msconfig. I think I have turned off ACPI it can no longer be put in standby. Changing the step and dir pulse to 5 seemed to slightly improve things but not completely.

I have used the driver test programme and for pulses per secong in 25khz im getting from 24390 to 24400 I have little idea what this stuff means and I dont know if its any help but the cpu speed is 996 and the light for "Apic is present" is lit