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Help with reverse or mirror image engraving

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Gary Iames:
Hello Everyone,

My name is Gary and I'm new to Mach 3 software, CNC and this forum.  I am struggling with getting everything to run.  Today, I ran into a problem that really has me stumped.  I downloaded a free engraving program called Desk Engrave.  I used this program to generate G-Code for a small, one line tru type engraving program.  I loaded this G-Code into my Mach 3 software and cut my engraving.  I got some beautifully cut engraving, with just one problem.  I need to use a mirror to read it!  The desk engrave and the mach 3 did not display the image in reverse.  It just cut that way!  As a newbe I really don't know how to fix this.  I don't know if the problem is in Desk Engrave or Mach 3.  Could someone point me in the right direction.  Thanks
Gary Iames
PS.  Feel free to move this if I've posted in the wrong area.

Hey Garry,
    Are your axis moving in the right directions? Look at the link below.

 In the scaleing DROs, right beside the axis DROs on the program run page, do you have a 1.000 in those or a -1.000? Can you post your G-code here for us to see? This is a link to a thread that will help you with posting attachments.


Gary Iames:
Thanks for the quick reply Chaoticone.  I just tried to post the G-Code I was using when the machine (Sherline by the way) cut the reversed image.  The forum rejected the file extension I had, so I changed the extention and I'll try again.  To be clear, my axes are running in the right direction and all of the scaleing DROs are positive.  I'll try another attachment.

 This wont be much help but this seems to be a general problem with most engraving. Even an expensive Dahlgren software that I've used had a pop-up reminding you to mirror and rotate 180degrees the text before pressing start! I hope your software has a mirror function.

Brian Barker:
You can do the following in your Gcode file:
To rotate a Tap file 180

G68 R180

To mirror the file about the X
G50 X-1

Hope that helps...


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