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Re: XHC WB04 plugin
« Reply #100 on: November 04, 2022, 03:21:00 PM »
I use Metric.
XHC WHB04B is works but not all functions.
1. Feed + - works wrong, one click on "Feed +" - feed going to 200, one click on "Feed -" going to 0.
2. Same with "Spindle"
3.Step doesn't works.
4.While changing from Continuous to Step(or mode rate is not saved.
As example, set rate to 30%, then click on Step and after on Continuous, try to move - rate will be about 20.
So, doesn't matter what rate was before after clicking on Step and after on Continuous rate will be ~20
5.If U click on "Feed +" or "Feed -"  or any "Spindle" and rotate encoder - U cannot back to Continuous mode, clicking on "Continuous" button do nothing.
Only one way to back to Continuous mode is click on Step and after that on Continuous, but rate will be different, about 100%

Best Wishes.