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need g-code help

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Author Topic: New to cnc need help with z  (Read 2750 times)

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New to cnc need help with z
« on: July 27, 2007, 01:24:07 PM »
I am trying to cut a 1" hole .500 deep in a 2" x 2" x 1" alum block using a 3/16 flat endmill. I drew the part in rhino and imported it into feature cam to generate the g code. I load the g-code in mach3 and when i run the code the z goes up about 2" and moves to the center of the hole  and starts going down and stops about 1" from the block and starts to cut out the hole. I have all the offsets set to 0 and im starting off at 0. I am using a post processor i downloaded off the net and im sure i need to work on it a bit. I am running  a Taig with geco drives 201's and featurecam 12. If anyone has a post for featurecam it would be most appreciated.
Here is the first bit of g-code.

% (=============================================)
(Project: Untitled2 )
(Compiled: 7-26-2007)
(FeatureMILL POST for MACH3 MILL rev1.0 - 03/05/2006)
(MACH3-MILL - rev1.0.CNC)
(NovaLab / CK)
(====== Tool No 1 = 3/16 2 flu endmill)
(====== Tool No 1  diam. = 0.1875)
(..... Segment = SRF_MILL1)
(..... Operation = ROUGH1 Z LEVEL)
N75 M91000 (Lead-in Macro for Smithy Setup)
N80 G40 G49 G17 G80 G61 G70 G90 (Inch mode & Exact Stop)
N85 G00
N90 T1 M6
N95 F4.69
N100 G1 X1.0535 Y-1.0336 S2500 M03
N105 M08
N110 G43 H1 Z1.999
N115 Z1.099
N120 G01 X0.9208 Y-0.9012 Z1.0842 F4.69
N125 X1.0535 Y-1.0336 Z1.0694
N130 X0.9208 Y-0.9012 Z1.0546
N135 X1.0535 Y-1.0336 Z1.0398
N140 X0.9208 Y-0.9012 Z1.0249
N145 X1.0535 Y-1.0336 Z1.0101
N150 X0.9208 Y-0.9012 Z0.9953
N155 X1.0535 Y-1.0336 Z0.9805
N160 X0.9208 Y-0.9012 Z0.9657
N165 X1.0535 Y-1.0336 Z0.9509
N170 X0.9208 Y-0.9012 Z0.9361
N175 X1.0535 Y-1.0336 Z0.9213
N180 X0.9208 Y-0.9012 Z0.9065
N185 X1.0535 Y-1.0336 Z0.8917
N190 X0.9208 Y-0.9012 Z0.8768
N195 X1.0535 Y-1.0336 Z0.862
N200 X0.9208 Y-0.9012 Z0.8472
N205 X0.9379 Y-1.0046 F9.37
N210 Y-0.9913
N215 X0.9399 Y-0.9805
N220 X0.9449 Y-0.9686
N225 X0.9468 Y-0.9658
N230 X0.9516 Y-0.9585
N235 X0.9547 Y-0.9554
N240 X0.9579 Y-0.9523
N245 X0.9611 Y-0.9492
N250 X0.9699 Y-0.9434
N255 X0.9778 Y-0.94
N260 X0.9826 Y-0.9381
N265 X0.9924 Y-0.9361
N270 X1.0014
N275 X1.0074
N280 X1.0173 Y-0.938
N285 X1.0235 Y-0.9406
N290 X1.0303 Y-0.9434
N295 X1.0312 Y-0.944
N300 X1.0391 Y-0.9493
N305 X1.0417 Y-0.9518
N310 X1.0438 Y-0.9538
N315 X1.0483 Y-0.9584
N320 X1.0491 Y-0.9597
N325 X1.0547 Y-0.968
N330 X1.0555 Y-0.9698
N335 X1.06 Y-0.9805
N340 X1.0622 Y-0.9918
N345 Y-1.005
N350 X1.0601 Y-1.0159
N355 X1.0573 Y-1.0224
N360 X1.0554 Y-1.027
N365 X1.0548 Y-1.0284
N370 X1.0534 Y-1.0305
N375 X1.0496 Y-1.0362
N380 X1.0484 Y-1.0381
N385 X1.0444 Y-1.0421
N390 X1.0418 Y-1.0446
N395 X1.0392 Y-1.0472
N400 X1.0332 Y-1.0512
N405 X1.0294 Y-1.0536
N410 X1.0241 Y-1.0558
N415 X1.0225 Y-1.0565
N420 X1.0179 Y-1.0583
N425 X1.0092 Y-1.06
N430 X0.993 Y-1.0604
N435 X0.9822 Y-1.0583
N440 X0.9705 Y-1.0535
N445 X0.9686 Y-1.0523

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Re: New to cnc need help with z
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2007, 02:53:07 PM »
I think you have your datums set wrong in Rhino or in Feature Cam or both.

When you extruded the block in Rhino you probably entered Z1. and not Z-1. so the datum is on the bottom of the block.

Remember that in most cases all Z axis cutting moves are in a minus direction. E.g. G01 Z-.05 F2.

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